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Our executives :

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Arnaud de la Fouchardière

Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur with a degree from ESLSCA, Arnaud created, managed and successfully developed multiple companies. In marketing and communication, he created both Téquila and Auditoire agencies, that he sold to the TBWA group (Omnicom) after 10 years of operation.

In the digital world, Arnaud created Marcopoly, purchased by France Telecom (Orange) after 3 years while his other company Novinit became American after 7 years when Thumbit took it over. Real "serial entrepreneur", Arnaud has become co-founder of the Vitirover company in 2010. He is also an expert for the European Union commission in robotics and digital agriculture.

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Xavier David-Beaulieu

Chief Technical Officer

In 25 years working in the Electronics and Software fields, Xavier has created several companies such as Unixinfo, Actipole, Shaktiware and Alcom (Atmosphérique Laser Communication). He has worked for them as a Technical Director before going back to his job of winegrower in his family wine property, Château Coutet in saint-Emilion.

Xavier is quickly challenged by grassing management in his vineyard and to solve this issue without using Glyphosate, he invents a small light robot, precise and autonomous able to mow anywhere : the Vitirover. He then becomes the cofounder of the Vitirover company in 2010.

Xavier is an eminent member of the "Jurade de Saint-Emilion" as well.

Our technical managers :

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Clément Sanquer

Cloud, IoT Manager

  • IT Engineer ENSEIRB-MATMECA (Bordeaux INP) specialized in robotics

  • Bordeaux Polytechnic Institute Engineer in IT and specialized in robotics

  • Engineer from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Cognitique

  • Technician Certificate in Industrial electronics and IT

  • High School degree in Software Engineering from Québec, Canada

Clément Sanquer

Matis Malvestio

Shepherd for herds of robots

Matis was the first shepherd hired by Vitirover. He has been the reference of our shepherds team? He created the job of Robots Shepherds!

Thanks to his French BTS degree in Digital Systems with a specialization in Electronics, he has all abilities to manage his herd of robots, remotely control them to operate light maintenance or unfreeze a robot if necessary.

He is here to physically work on the robots if one of them needs help.

Finally, he is in contact with our clients everyday and he is especially the one guaranteeing the expected results.

Our Engineers

Creative and Innovative Scientists

When we get to work in the morning at Vitirover, we can often hear "I had an idea last night!". Of course, we wonder if our engineers ever sleep but at least, we know why our robots mean quality, light weight, cost saving, eco-friendliness and reliability! Our people are passionate about work, and like the robots they develop, they are always concerned about a well done job!

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Jonathan Capron

Mechanical Engineering Manager

  • Mechanical Engineer  (Bordeaux 1)

  • Bachelor Degree in Physics (Bordeaux 1)

  • Technician Certificate in Automated Industrial Mechanism (2010)

  • High School degree (Engineering Science)

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Mathieu Galle

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Manager

  • Engineer from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Cognitique Bordeaux - specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Development, Human / Machine interface, Ergonomy, Knowledge Management 

  • Master Degree in Science (Rennes 1) - Program and Electronics specialization

Our mower-robots

Ecological, Autonomous and Cost saving robots

Born in the vineyards to manage the sensitive grassing of the vines, the Vitirover robot has been developed for the toughest environments : think about a vineyard with more than 7.000 vines, plus 20% of posts. This means an obstacle to manage every 10 seconds for our robots.

These are terrible work conditions so Vitirover is easily able to adapt and take care of rail roads, arboriculture farms, photovoltaic farms, high voltage power plants, etc.

Featuring a solar panel on its top, our mower robot is self powered. Thanks to its highly precise sensors, he protects each vine and avoid each obstacle with no gift to the grass it meets.

Quiet and light, Vitirover is almost invisible through the pieces of land it takes care of. It does not squeeze soils, does not require any special maintenance from our clients because it "goes back home" with its shepherd for maintenance once his mission is accomplished. Active protector of the environment Vitirover works towards eliminating the use of Glyphosate.


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