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Vitirover : A unique solution protected by 6 patents.

The "France Brevets" organization selected VITIROVER to support the company in its Research and Development process leading up to 7 invention patents.

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Vitirover plebiscited and recognized by many awards.

Vitirover and its automated mower-robot cumulate distinctions. The company has received many innovation awards, an excellent rating for the environment protection, grants for Research and Development, a prize for use of embedded technology, an awesome rating against global warming, etc.

These awards show a great confidence and a great recognition from the industry, in many fields such as agriculture, electronics, vines, journalism or ecology.

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Vitirover's futur : new robots, new functions!

Vitirover traps dispenser

VVINNER : Vineyard Vigilant & INNovative Ecological Rover

The "big data" robot from Vitirover comes from a project funded by the EU (1,8 M€) as part of the Eco-Innovation program. It consists of adding cameras and weather sensors onto the original Vitirover unit to:

- measure the evolution of insects populations for species such as the leafhopper.

- predict the productivity of harvests. 

- measure the vineyard strength.

- establish the map of the piece of land (frost zone, water stress, vine by vine map, etc.).

The target is to know very precisely the detailed outline of the piece of land in order to dramatically reduce the use of  herbicides.

Vitirover "Big data"

The Vitirover robot is the first of a range currently being further developed.

With his new models, Vitirover will soon be able to offer a wider range of services to owners, productors and properties managers.

In the future the original Vitirover unit will also be able to get new added features turning our mower robot in a real scientist unit. Here are two examples :

GRAPE : Ground Robot for vineyArd monitoring and ProtEction

This project has been funded by EU (0.5M€) through the Echord++ program. It consists of adding a robotised arm to automatically dispense pheromones traps creating sexual confusion for the grape worms.

Towards the end of 2018, this robot will be capable of detecting and look after each vine, as well as manipulating small objects such as pheromones dispensing.

Awards and distinctions received by VITIROVER :

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