Grass can now be precisely managed thanks to VITIROVER herds of mower-robots.

The VITIROVER herds of mower-robots are monitored and managed by "shepherds". These technicians are trained and employed by the VITIROVER company while the herds of robots remain the property of VITIROVER. This way, the owners of the land taken care of by VITIROVER, are free of any constraints or costs related to technical maintenance and update of their grass management equipment

Our service is not a financial investment but only a simple expense

and we guarantee the result.


We manage the grassing of your land !


We step-in to continuously manage the grassing of your land with our herds of autonomous mower robots monitored by a shepherd.

We called our service "VAAS": Vitirover As A Service.

  • The shepherd remotely monitors the robots and their herd from his office or from his truck:

    • To track their work in real time

    • To choose the pieces of land on which the robots will work

    • To create, if needed, a sub-piece of land requiring a more precise or deeper attention 

    • To remotely clean the mowers that need to be

  • The shepherd has a global vision of his herd and remotely monitors the individual performance of each robot :

    • Energy consumption and rotation speed of each motor for each robot

    • Battery level and charge level of the solar panel

    • Geo-tagged position of each robot at any time in real time

    • GPS tracking in case of power outage or stealing attempt

    • History of the last 24 hours operation (schedule, working hours, recorded issues, mowers self-cleaning operations, completed journey, quantity of cut graa, etc.)

  • The shepherd can physically step in to resolve issues on the field when needed :

    • Frozen robot

    • Mower that can't be remotely cleaned

    • Solar panel cleaning if needed

    • Battery replacement, if there is no light or sun for a given time

    • Small maintenance

    • Mower blade replacement


Our engagements :

  • We guarantee the results for the acres that we take care of all along the season of grass growth.

  • We do not sell robots but acres of managed vegetation and we carry the CAPEX spent on the robots.

  • Our price is calculated per acre and per year (fiscally, this is an expenses, this is not an investment). 

  • You do not have to worry about anything any more. No maintenance fees, no spare parts, no insurance policy, we take care of everything.


The Vitirover solutions replace Glyphosate

Vitirover Truck, Shepherd Headquarters


  • He has no equipment to purchase.

  • The Vitirover squads monitor the work of the herds of robots and commit to the results


  • Risk-free of damaging or breaking anything (our robots only weigh 40 lbs and they move at very low speed (1000 feet/hour). In the vineyard, no vine can be cut or damaged

  • No consumption of gas or fuel



  • The light weight of our robots avoids soil squeezing

  • Solar energy operation

  • No more herbicide (know more >>>)