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Professional Robot Mower

Autonomous - Connected - Solar - 4WD - Ecological

A Revolution for agricultural and industrial grass maintenance

​VITIROVER robots are autonomous: they self-locate their position thanks to their GPS and they recharge automatically thanks to solar energy.
Terrains with multiple obstacles (posts, trees, vines, etc.) are their favorite. They maintain vegetation at a height of less than 4 inches and cut the grass up to less than 1 inch away from the obstacles.
Often deployed in fleets, they are very environmentally friendly. They preserve the environment by replacing weedkillers and glyphosate, they avoid soil compaction and pollution caused by conventional mowers and heavy tractors.

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Where to use a Vitirover Robot

Photovoltaïc Plants

A non-intrusive remote management.

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& Orchards

Citrus, apples, pears, nuts, cashews, bananas, olives, etc. will grow in serenity.


A Robot for all terrains and with no strings.


Railways, Transports

The ultimate precision and efficiency. 

Power Plant Electrical Distribution Systems

Safe maintenance of the vegetation.

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Contrôle à distance du robot-tondeur Vitirover

Since 2011, the collaboration of two passionate entrepreneurs with very different backgrounds, has allowed high-tech innovation to penetrate the vine sector and later extend to fields as diverse as rail industry or energy production.

The VITIROVER company has become one of the main global players in the field of innovation for the high precision vine and wine industry.

Robots and services developed by VITITROVER offer highly innovating solutions  

to take care of soils and manage grassing.

VITIROVER products can be implemented all over the world, in the many sectors requiring vegetation control and especially grassing management : vines, arboriculture, photovoltaic farms, railway, electricity transmission network, etc.


Research & Development

La Gare de Saint-Emilion,

6 lieu-dit Simard,

33330 Saint-Emilion, FRANCE

email :

Bureau : +33 5 57 25 73 79

Sales Offices

Espace W'in

23 Place Jean Moulin,

33500 Libourne, FRANCE

Arnaud : +33 6 07 61 23 36

Sébastien : +33 6 79 24 35 08

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